Terms and Conditions


  1. These general conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as “General Conditions”) are agreed between RYG Shoes and everyone who wishes to shop through RYG Shoes website – comwill be henceforward designated “Consumer”.
  2. These conditions exclusively apply to non-trader individuals, meaning every individual whose actions are in no way related to their line of work.
  3. All parties agree that purchases from this website will be regulated exclusively by this contract with exemption of previous conditions previously available in the website.


  1. These general conditions of sale’s aim is to provide and establish all necessary information to the consumer about the order of products, sales, payment and deliveries at RYG Shoes website – com.
  2. These conditions control all steps necessary to the placement of orders and guarantee the tracing of the order between Contracting Parties.
  3. These general conditions won’t be valid if the consumer is not a final consumer, according to point (a) of the 1st article of Decreto-Lei nº 143/2001, nº 3 of April 26th .


  1. The consumer can send their order through the purchasing process, after using the online device, by selecting “buy”.
  2. To send their order, the consumer must:
  3. Register in Ryg Shoes website, providing the necessary information that is requested.
  4. Finalize the information and select the options that will be available throughout the process.
  5. The shipping requested by the consumer equals to the full acceptance of the prices and description of the available products for sale, as well as the general conditions for sale, which will be the only suitable ones for the concluded contract.
  6. RYG Shoes will dignify the received orders online until the limit of its available stock, in the case of lack of availability of a product, RYG Shoes compromises to inform the consumer as soon as possible.
  7. The data of the bill is of the full responsibility of the Consumer. After being issued, the bill cannot be altered.
  8. The order have an expiration date of 5 (five) days, if the payment is not redirected by our services during this period, the order will not be validated.


  1. Shipping charges can vary according to the purchase price, address and shipment type selected by the Consumer. To know the delivery charges of an order, the consumer can add to the cart the products they intend to buy and go finish they order and confirm the value of expenses associated with the order.
  2. There won’t be deliveries to Aparts.
  3. In each product will be presented the foreseeable timeframes, during weekdays, for shipping (availability time). These dates are merely informative.
  4. RYG Shoes will try to comply the estimated date for delivery but, if it predicts delays in the delivery, it will inform the Consumer, providing the option of the termination of the contract. If this right is not actuated, we assume the Consumer is still interest in the order and it allows the delay of the delivery.
  5. For a follow-up of an underway order, the Consumer has to direct to the online customer service, where it can check the status of the order or send an electronic message.
  6. To estimate the total time until the delivery of the order, the Consumer has to take into account a maximum of 10 weekdays for shipping and transportation (the date to take into consideration for the beginning of counting is always the date of the receiving of the payment).


  1. RYG Shoes offers its Consumers the following methods of payment:
  2. Wire transfer.
  3. RYG Shoes will employ all its efforts to guarantee the maximum confidentiality and security of all data transmitted in the internet.
  4. So that your order can be registered and validated, the payment must be done under the terms and dates provided in point nº6 in the 2ndarticle of the present general conditions for sales.
  5. After confirmation that the payment has been done, and in a maximum time period of forty eight hours, an e-mail will be sent confirming your order. The e-mail will be sent to the electronic mail stated by the Consumer in the registration in the website.


  1. Prices will be presented in Euros, with fees and taxes included, taking into consideration the VAT at the time.
  2. In case of changes in the price list of the products in the website, there will be an update of the prices. This will not affect the orders already made.
  3. The prices presented correspond to the updated prices, however, they can only be considered valid when they’re viewable in the website in a refreshed page (cache or non-refreshed pages can show prices that are no longer effective). The viewable price is only guaranteed In these conditions and only after the order is properly registered and paid according to the conditions of this general conditions (nº6 of the 2nd article).


  1. In the event of a defect, the Consumer has its rights under Decreto-Lei nº 84/2008 of May 21st.


  1. The deadline for returns is of 14 days – article 10 of Decreto-Lei nº 24/2014 of February 14th.
  2. The process of returns is simple, the Costumer only has to contact beforehand RYG Shoes through the e-mail info@rygshoes.comand afterwards proceed with return of the product to RYG Shoes logistics centre, to the address:

RYG Shoes

Rua Antero de Figueiredo, 7, 4B

  1. RYG Shoes won’t accept any returns sent with postage to pay or to pay on delivery, compromising to reimburse the Consumer in the maximum term of 30 days after the delivery of the return, only in cases of quality check fault or a shipping mistake, if any other way the costs of return are the Consumer responsibility.
  2. The returned products have to be in selling conditions, meaning that they have to be in the same condition as when the costumer received them, without any defect.
  3. If the cost of the return of an order is superior to its initial cost, the Consumer has to defray the difference, using one of the methods of payment available in nº1 of the 4th
  4. To products acquired by the Consumer under these General Conditions , being considered a consumer good, will be imposed the rules established by DL 67/2003 of April 8th(Consumer Goods Guarantee Regime).


The Costumer has to present its by e-mail to


RYG Shoes is not responsible for any inconvenient or damage caused by the Costumer while using the Internet, such as: service rupture, external intrusion, damages caused by computer virus or any other case of major cause.


  1. Privacy Policy for online sales in RYG Shoes

All personal information will be collected and used to help make your visit to our website productive and pleasant.

The guarantee of confidentiality of the data of the users of our website is of major importance to RYG Shoes.

All personal information related to members, subscribers, clients or visitors of RYG Shoes will be treated according to the Lei da Proteção de Dados Pessoais (Lei nº 67/98 of October 26th 1998).

Personal information collected can include name, e-mail, telephone number, address, date of birth and/or others.

Usage of RYG Shoes presupposes the acceptance of this Privacy Agreement. RYG Shoes team has the right to change this agreement without further notice. This way, we recommend that you check our privacy policy regularly so that you can be up to date.

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We use cookies to store information, such as your personal preferences when you visit our website. This can include a simple popup, or a connection to many services that we provide, such as forums.

We also use advertising from third-parties so that we can support the maintenance costs. Some of these advertisers may use technologies such as cookies and/or web beacons when they advertise in our website, which means that those advertisers (like Google through Google AdSense) also stores your personal information, such as your IP address, your browser, etc. This function is normally used for geotargeting (show ads from Lisbon only to people from Lisbon for example) or to present ads directed to a certain type of user (like showing ads for restaurants to a user who visits culinary websites regularly, for example)

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  1. Connections to third-parties websites

RYG Shoes has connections to other websites, which can contain information/tools useful to our visitors. Our privacy policy does not apply to third-parties websites, so if you visit other websites from ours you should read their privacy policy.

We are not responsible for the privacy policy or content of such websites.


  1. We call RYG Shoes Newsletter to every e-mail with promotions, offers and information, sent directly to the Consumer’s inbox given at the time of the registration in our website.
  2. The Consumer has the possibility to subscribe to the Newsletter, staying immediately registered after the first order is made.
  3. To change the personal data or to suspend the request of the Newsletter, you have to redirect to your registration and disable this option.


Each part agrees that the computerized registration, preserved in RYG Shoes computer system in reasonable security conditions are evidence of communications, orders and payments made between parts.


The filling of orders and bills will be made by a reliable and long-lasting support so that it can correspond to a loyal and durable copy.


  1. The applicable law to any contractual relationship that’s established through Ryg Shoes website is the Portuguese law.
  2. To prevent any emergent conflicts, from any contract made in the terms of these general conditions for sales, it will be applied the Portuguese law, being its courts the responsible for the resolution of any dispute.